Eternal Breath

Eternal Breath was founded in 1996 by Andy & Marino in Wielsbeke (Belgium) aiming to combine traditional and new styles of metal in one sound.

During that time 3 demo cd’s, “Empire of Eternity” (1997), “Symphony of Agony” (2002), and “Welcome To Hell” (2006) got released. After many line-up changes, a consistent line-up took form in 2015 with Andy on vocals, Marino and Robin on guitars, Aaron on bass and Kenny on drums.

In 2016 after 20 years, the first full cd, “The Joker”, got released. It featured a change in sound from the earlier demo cd’s, bringing a new mix of an epic heavy metal and a modern fast thrash metal approach, inspired by the likes of Judas Priest and Exodus. The album got praise for its melodic vibes, powerful vocals and philosophical lyrics.

The release of the aptly named beer “The Joker” (8,5%, wheat beer with coriander flavouring) soon followed. Aside from numerous shows in Belgium, the album brought Eternal Breath to the UK for several gigs and had the band join Tim Rippers Owens’ The Three Tremors as a support for their European tour. The release of the second full-length album “World of Chaos” in 2019 meant another big step forward with lots of raving reviews and shows on Blast from the Past Festival and Alcatraz Metal Fest as a consequence. 

Spring of 2024 will finally mark the release of our third full album!

Shortly after the release of “World of Chaos”, the Covid pandemic broke loose and the world went into actual chaos. It proved to be a difficult time for the music industry as a whole and the third album got delayed for a longer time than we would have hoped for. By the time Covid released its grip on the world, founding member Marino had left the band and was replaced by Jen Verstraete. Shortly afterwards, bassist Aaron left the band and was replaced by Patrick Everaert.

In 2024 we will again play various Belgian festivals such as Hillrock, Rock Kappaert and Alcatraz Metal Festival. Some UK tour dates are planned as well.

Eternal Breath

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