Our new album was released on April 1st, 2024 💿 Check it out!

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💥 March 10th 2024: The second single from our album is released! Headbang to the 'Master of Deception'! 💥

February 2nd 2024: NEW SINGLE available. Check out 'Unwanted Son'!

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Eternal Breath was founded in 1996 in Wielsbeke (Belgium) aiming to combine traditional and new styles of metal in one sound. 3 demo cd’s were released: “Empire of Eternity” (1997), “Symphony of Agony” (2002), and “Welcome To Hell” (2006).

In 2016 and 2019, the first two full cds, “The Joker” and “World of Chaos”, got released. The sound changed to a mix of epic heavy metal and modern fast thrash metal, inspired by bands like Judas Priest and Exodus. Eternal Breath played numerous shows in Belgium such as Alcatraz Metal Fest and  went to the UK for several gigs to join Tim Rippers Owens’ “The Three Tremors” as a support for their European tour.

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Andy, Kenny, Robin, Jen & Patrick

2024 marks the release of our 3th full album. Check it out now!

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